Hanging Shoe Organizers

This is from “How To Organize Your Shoes Part 2”.  I love this hanging shoe organizers.  I have used these living in Baltimore on my clothes rack for shoes.  Then, I have used these in my closets in Providence.  They are so sturdy for my husband’s shoes.  They can carry his heavy shoes and hold their weight very well.  This is perfect for any type of shoes: sneakers, work shoes, and slippers!

  This is only $19.99 on Amazon!  Click the picture below to check it out!


Clear Shoe Organizers

This was mentioned in my “How To Organize Your Shoes Part 1” post.  I LOVE this as a shoe organizer.  It keeps my shoes in great condition and from getting dust on them.  And the best part is, I can always see what I have because the boxes are clear.  This really helps me not over-buy shoes and check out my selection before I hit the stores.  I highly recommend getting this for your shoes!

Here is the link from Amazon to the shoe organizers that I use.

Closet Dividers

I discussed this amazing product in my “How To Organize Your Purses” post.  I use this for my purses and for my sweaters and tops that I fold in my closet.  They are budget-friendly and super easy to use!  I think they would be great for gym clothes, jeans/pants, pajamas, and even towels (as shown in the picture).

I adore these-they have helped me get so organized in my closet.  Click the link to check it out on Amazon!

Clothes Racks

This was mentioned in my post about “5 Ways to Create Space on a Budget.”  This is an amazing way to store clothes and get to add closet space that doesn’t exist in your home.  These are super easy to use-they awesome for your everyday clothes and I even use them for guests.  This can be found on Amazon for only $39.87.  Feel free to click the pic to check it out!

How to Organize Your Vanity


Is your getting ready routine a nightmare?  There is an amazing key to make your getting ready routine go smooth and get your prepared for the day like a diva!  It is a well-organized vanity.

Every girl needs a vanity.  I remember when I was a little girl, I had a play vanity that I would sit at and brush my hair in.  I loved this!  I was obsessed with sitting at my vanity and getting ready like I was a grown-up.  I think this was partly because of watching my mom do her hair and make-up at her vanity growing up.  I also would see women in movies sitting at their vanity and getting ready.  The whole thing was so alluring to me.  Getting dressed up as a little girl was so much fun for me!  I couldn’t wait to grow up and really get my hair and make-up done.


When I was in middle school, my mom took me to antique stores and we bought an old vanity and seat.  She painted it white with me and then bought beautiful flower stencils.  We used purple paint to match my room to paint the flower stencils.  We finished it with a matching purple flower chair cushion and got a custom-fitted glass top for my vanity so it would be easily cleaned.  I used this vanity from middle school to college.


This was how my vanity turned out:


My aunt and grandma bought me a beautiful new vanity and chair to match my room decor when I moved to Hoboken.  Having a vanity is still so much fun.  I store all my make-up inside and keep it as organized as possible.  I love getting ready at my vanity and it keeps the bathroom unoccupied so my husband can use it to get ready.  Plus, who doesn’t love getting ready like a princess?  You get to sit comfortably in a chair to get ready instead of standing and leaning against the bathroom counter.

Here is my new vanity:


There are some essentials that every woman needs for her vanity.  Here they are:

-These are the essentials you need to get my look!  You need an organizer for all of the make-up you use (eye liner, eye shadow, concealer, foundation, brushes, lip colors, etc.)

This is what I use for the drawer of my vanity.  It fits any size (it expands and fits all types of make-up)

This is what I use for my q-tips and cotton applicators

This is similar to what I use on top of my vanity to help me organize my brushes and lip colors

-You need a magnifying mirror that lights-up.  I know this can be scary to literally see every flaw and pore on your face, but this is perfect for tweezing eyebrows and making sure that you are covering each blemish for a big night out!


-You need a garbage so you can throw away your tissues, q-tips, and other cotton applicators used to do your make-up.  You will thank me for this tip when you are able to complete your make-up routine without running into the bathroom each time you need the garbage.


Our 4th Valentines’s Day Together

This is my fourth Valentine’s Day with my husband.  But only our second Valentine’s Day as husband and wife.  Each Valentine’s Day we have celebrated differently.

Our first Valentine’s Day together in 2015, we were boyfriend and girlfriend.  I was living in Hoboken, NJ and he was living in Baltimore, MD.  On Valentine’s Day, he wrote me a beautiful card and sent it with a bouquet of flowers that were shaped like a dog.  It was so sweet!  And of course getting flowers at work is very romantic.  But, we had to wait until the weekend to celebrate together.  I took the train to his apartment in Baltimore. I brought his gift of a new sweater and a card to greet him with in Maryland.  We went to Annapolis and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast above a famous diner for Valentine’s.  We also went out to a fancy dinner in Annapolis that night.

The next year, 2016, we were engaged and living in Rhode Island together.  I wasn’t working at the time, so no work flowers that year.  Instead, we exchanged gifts.  He bought me a beautiful red dress and some tea tools from Teavana.  And, I bought him a couple new shirts for his new job.  We also went out for a nice, fancy restaurant for dinner in Providence.  This restaurant was decorated so nicely and it was very romantic.

Last year, 2017, it was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.  I had a job and again, he sent me the same bouquet of flowers shaped like a dog to my work-so romantic and cute!  I loved it!  He also got me a candle and some lotion.  And as usual, I bought him a new sweater (I know I am boring-I do this each year).  And then we went to our favorite restaurant-Capital Grill in Providence-yum!

This year, I don’t have a job right now-so no flowers from work.  And there is no where to keep them with our current nomadic lifestyle.  This year, we are forgoing gifts because we have no where to put them!  We are at capacity in the bags we are living out of!  So, we are doing cards today-I love cards.  And we are doing dinner tonight out.  We have never been to this restaurant before so we are excited to go.


Pro-Valentine’s Tip:  ALWAYS give a card to your significant other.  This is when you can declare your love and affection to them.

How To Organize Your Master Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom is very important.  This is a place you want to go to and relax.  You want to be able to pamper yourself here.  I love getting organized and enjoying all of my things.

The first thing to do is to organize your countertop-I make sure that I have a toothbrush holder on the counter top. I also had my water flosser and Listerine dispenser.  I try to keep it as clutter-free as possible.  I do add my decorative candles.  I keep the tissue box and room spray above the toilet.

I use small boxes to keep my things organized under my sink.  I categorize all of my things that I use each day.  For example, I have my ring cleaners in one area.  I have my sanitary supplies in another box.  I keep my soap and room spray in their own box.  I put my nail polishes in pink closed boxes.  I keep all of my hair products in one box.  Then, I put my bathroom creams and lotions in another box with some essential oils and some other bathroom essentials like witch hazel.

I also keep my drawers organized.  In one drawer, I put my toothpaste, floss, and other daily dental needs.  In another, I keep my hair supplies like brushes, clips, and hair ties.  In another drawer, I keep my hair dryer, straightener, curler, and rollers.

In my linen closet, I keep my toilet paper, garbage bags, and old towels on top.  In the next shelves, I keep my nice, new white bath towels, hand towels, and face towels.

The bottom shelves hold extra bathroom items.  On the first shelf, I keep extra lotions in on box, and shampoo/conditoner/body wash in the other box.  I use a small box in the middle for razors.

Underneath that, I use boxes to organize extra dental supplies.  I have one box of extra floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.  And another of extra mouth wash.  I keep my retainer cleaners in another box.  In the back, I store q-tips and cotton balls.  On the floor, I keep my travel toiletries (I actually keep these mini-bags packed all year long so I am ready for any trip).  I also keep extra mouth wash cups on the bottom.

I am a bit nervous to see what type of space I will have in my new house to organize my bathroom!

Here is my favorite item that helps me keep my bathroom organized.  It looks so sleek on the counter top and it is a lot nicer than seeing a big Listerine bottle sitting on the bathroom counter.  It is only $19.93 on Amazon.  An awesome investment to make your bathroom look fancy!



How To Organize Your Refrigerator


I find that that the best way to organize your fridge is by category.  Let’s start with the door:

Refrigerator Door- I place the eggs in the assigned spot on the door.  Then, I use the rest of the door to keep things like butter, salad dressing, and miscellaneous condiments.

First Shelf-I place drinks like orange juice, milk, and creamers

Second shelf-I put ready-made or left-over food.  For example, my pre-made salads for work and my quinoa and vegetables for the week.

Diary drawer-I obviously put deli meat and cheeses in here.  I also put in parmesan cheese.  I put hummus in here as well.

Third shelf-I put my can-dispensers.  I fill one with seltzer and the other with either flavored seltzer (if the cans fit), soda, or beer.  I also put any meat down there next to it (the meat always remains in bags not touching anything else-I am very neurotic about this).  Sometimes, I have to keep containers of produce that aren’t able to fit in the produce drawer here as well.

Produce drawer-Of course I put my spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and carrots in this drawer at the bottom.


The can dispensers help keep the refrigerator cans organized and help maximize space in the refrigerator.  It is awesome to have the cans continue to come forward and not have to reach around the refrigerator shifting cans around for space.  I love these dispensers, they are so cheap and help organize your refrigerator so well!  They are $7.99 only Amazon!


How To Organize Your Pantry


The first thing to do to organize your pantry is to organize your shelves by category.  This is how I have organized my four shelves in my past apartment:

First Shelf- So at the tippy top of my pantry, I keep some of the electronics/hardware that honestly just don’t fit anywhere else.  This would be my chopper, my blender, and my mini smoothie maker.

Second Shelf- The next shelf I start putting the snacks.  I put my sweet snacks like candy and cookies here as well as my salty snacks like the pretzels and chips.

Third Shelf- On the next shelf I put food items like cans of soup, boxed pasta, pasta sauce, rice, and quinoa.

Fourth Shelf- The next shelf down, I put my baking and cooking needs like flour, sugar, oil, canola spray, salt, and pepper.

I realize that not everyone has four shelves in their pantry, or a pantry at all.  I had a pantry in my Providence apartment.  But in my Hoboken and Baltimore apartment, I only had my kitchen cabinets.  My advice in this situation is to keep snacks together in one or two shelves.  And then keep all cooking and baking needs on their own shelf or cabinet.  I have even combined my pasta, rice, and soups with my baking needs.  That way when I go for a snack, I am not taking having to reach behind boxes of pasta.


Pro-tip- organize your kitchen pantry is clear containers!  This is literally a must-have for everyone.  You can use these for candy, flour, pretzels, chips, cereal, pasta and more!  They have endless possibilities.  I bought the entire pack, but you can always buy separate pieces.  When I get to my new house, I will be buying another couple pieces to add-on to my collection to organize my food.

Urban Vs. Suburban Living

Many people who grow up in suburban America all have the same life trajectory expectations or dreams if you will.  They  all dream about growing up, finding the perfect person, falling in love, getting married, moving into the suburbs in a beautiful house with a white picket fence, and then having babies.

I am on track with the beginning of the dream-I grew up, found someone special and got married.  The next part doesn’t match up-I adore living in cities, not in the suburbs.  Living in a city is AMAZING-the world is literally at your fingertips.  You can have your choice of food stores, markets, exercise studios/classes, activities, restaurants, and bars.  The possibilities are endless.

For years, my husband and I have lived in cities.  Like right IN the city.  I love city life.  I think it might be because I grew up so close to New York City, I was able to visit anytime I liked.  And NYC sets your expectations super high.  NYC is the ultimate city.  As a child I was so captivated by the excitement, the lights, and all the things to do.  Everyone seemed like they had the most thrilling lives.  After I graduated college, I couldn’t wait to move to Hoboken-which is an amazing city in and of itself.  Not to mention, it is a ten minute train ride on the PATH to Manhattan.


When my husband and I reconnected in Dallas, we had so much fun going out to the best bars and restaurants the city had to offer.  And Dallas is an amazing city-there is so much to do, the bar scene is amazing and not to mention the delicious food.  Tex-Mex is one of my favorite types of food.  I always spend an immense amount of time visiting the best BBQ and Tex-Mex that Texas has to offer.  Even though I have to diet after my trips there, it is well worth it.

Living in Baltimore was another wonderful city.  In Baltimore, you can get any delicious food you can think of-COVERED IN CRAB.  I am talking about crab dip on top of tatter tots and crab macaroni and cheese.  This is real crab-not the imitation crab you might see in other places.  If you haven’t had it, I advise you to put it on your bucket list.  Baltimore is another amazingly fun city.  The brunches and bars are so much fun.


Providence is a much more relaxed city than the other cities that I am used to.  There were some great places to eat-and of course the seafood is fantastic.  Federal Hill is awesome for Italian food.  This city has a lot less bar options for a young crowd.  There were some places in walking distance, but we mostly got around by car and Uber.  Not the most exciting city that we have lived in.

After all of these years living in cities, I am now venturing to the next phase of my life-which is the house and white picket fence in suburbia.  This will be my first time since growing up that I am living in a suburb.  I have to admit, I was struggling with this at first.  I was very concerned about how I would feel living in a neighborhood with NOTHING in walking distance.  Of course having more square footage in a house is amazing.  But not being able to walk to a bar or restaurant is foreign to me.  Anything that I need, I have to drive to-I have never had to do that in the past…

Goodbye Bustling City and Hello Quiet Neighborhood!  Here we goo!