6 Days and Counting to Move

Now that the move is less than a week away, I have tried to get most of my errands out of the way.  This way, I can stay home and put in some time packing and getting my apartment ready for the move.  For the actual moving day, I have bought Lysol wipes, Lysol spray, a roll of paper towels, and I have a hand-held vacuum.  I also threw in a small soap and a sponge.  Once the movers start taking the boxes out, I will wipe down counters and possibly tile floors if there are marks.  The paper towels are for spills and for washing hands that day (the kitchen and bathroom towels will get packed clean).  The small hand-held vacuum is to pick up any big pieces of dust and dirt left by the movers.  And the soap is for the bathroom and kitchen sink.  The song will be for anything that might be wiped down last minute the day of the move.  I also like to have some water bottles for the day of for myself and for the movers.


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