My Kitchen Cabinets…Part 1

Above my coffee area, I have my coffee mugs, then two shelves of glasses, and then on the top shelf, I have my nice coffee cups and saucers for company.


Under my sink, I have a container of extra sponges and gloves.  I also have my garbage bags, dish detergent, and some extra soap.  I also have my “bag” of bags.  The bag of bags is essential for every house.  I am always going through my bags for traveling and carrying items to different places.


Above my stove and microwave, I have one cabinet of water bottles, and some fancy coffee cups for entertaining.  Above my microwave, I have my baking pans, sifter, mixer, and other baking items.  To the right of the microwave, I keep my measuring cups, measuring spoons, and funnels.


Under my stove/oven, I keep my cookie pans, and muffin pans.  I know I could use this area as a food warmer, but I can’t stop my habit of storing these items there!


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