Car Catastrophe

My car was so crowded with all of my bags and boxes organized by category.  The only way to get them all to fit was to just pile them on top of each other.  It was very overwhelming to see this morning!

The reason that my car was packed is because I am headed to my parents’ house.  A great tip to save money and get to visit your family is to temporarily move-in with them during a move.  My husband and I are both only children and are so lucky to be close with our parents.  My parents are from New Jersey and my husband’s parents are from Pennsylvania.

I am driving to my parent’s house in New Jersey 12 days ahead of my husband.  He will be meeting me here when he completes his job in Rhode Island.  He is currently staying at a hotel.  Once he is finished working, he will join me at my parents’ for a few nights so we can avoid hotel night fees on our own dime.  We will head to Pennsylvania on the Monday morning of his first “official” day of work at his new job.

My car was packed to the gills with all of my valuable like my file cabinet (yes the entire file cabinet), my wedding dress in an archived box, my wedding boxes of memorabilia, my purses, and my jewelry.  All of these valuables would be stored safely at my parents’ house during these 12 days as opposed to a hotel parking lot.  Staying in New Jersey also gives me lots of time to get things done and get my life organized since the move.  I am finally able to unload my car and get into a cozy house with furniture, space, and cable tv!  So exciting.  And the best part is I get to visit with my parents.

Pro-tip: If possible, rely on family and/or friends during an extended moving period.  This will save you money from staying in a hotel and will give you some extra bonding time!


Moving Bloopers

Hey everyone!  I always share about all the right tips to help you move and get organized.  Today I wanted to share a moving blooper with you.  My husband and I both have our cars in Rhode Island packed and ready to drive.  Like I have discussed in my previous posts, our cars are filled with our most valuable items:my wedding dress, purses, jewelry, and of course our bags of clothes and toiletries to live out of for about a month.  The last things that we had to jam in our cars were all of the liquids the packers wouldn’t pack.  The packers left us some boxes for this.

What I haven’t told you is since my husband travels so much for work, he collects hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.  Basically anything the hotel will give you for FREE during your stay.  He collects them each night he stays in a hotel.  Multiply this by TWO years and that is the amount we have collected.  I told my husband that he is a hoarder-but he would argue otherwise.  These soaps are in our guest bathroom.  We often get compliments on our wide variety from our guests.  This also saves us money so we don’t have to provide soaps for guests.

So back to the blooper, my husband and I were trying to get ready to drive our cars out of the apartment parking deck earlier.  He was re-arranging some boxes in his car for the drive.  He was trying to get a box to fit behind his driver seat, and he was growing frustrated.  He continued to jam the box in this tight space causing the bottom of the box to get squeezed by the backseat and driver seat.  All of a sudden, a flood of the precious soaps and hair products that he had been saving were flowing out the bottom of the box. Unluckily, they were not just falling out, but falling on the parking deck ground and under the car.  My husband was in panic and started trying to wiggle the box up and out which caused the rest of the contents to fall out.  This was what we were left to clean up.


We were able to recover the box and use tape to refold and sturdy the box.  It took us about 15 minutes to crawl around the group and pick them up all and re-pack the car.  My husband was so happy we were able to re-cover them.  They were undamaged and my husband is a very happy man.  The weekend has been saved!

I would love to hear any funny moving bloopers that you all might have had along the way.  Please leave me your stories here.  I can’t wait to read them!

3 Budgeting Tips For Your Move Out

Here are the hidden costs in your actual move out of your home/apartment/townhouse/condo that you NEED to budget for:

Hiring Movers-ok so once the moving company is picked and paid for.  Hiring packers and movers can get pricey.  To save money, there were times in the past when we would hire movers just for big pieces of furniture and we would drive boxes and bags back and forth ourself to save money.

Hiring a moving company can cost anywhere upward of $4,000.  Usually there is storage involved which will costs hundreds per day.  This is hard to quote an exact number based on moving company, distance, item inventory, and storage length.

Tips for movers and packers-first let me explain what each of these positions do.  The packers will come before the movers and physically pack your things up in boxes and fill it with paper for cushioning.  Then they will tape, label, and mark boxes with company stickers for inventory.  The boxes remain in your home.

The movers come after the packers are done and inventory the boxes on papers and electronically. Then, they haul all boxes and furniture to the truck.

Sometimes the packers come early and begin packing and the movers will come a bit later and begin to load the truck.  This move, the packers came one day and the movers came the next day.  Depending on how many people come, you will have to tip them.  So the first day, we had two packers-I gave them $30 cash each for a grand total of $60 that day.  The next day, we had three movers-I gave each $20 cash, there was a head mover, so I gave him $25 cash (a little extra).  This was another grand total of $65.  So after both days, my out of pocket grand total for tips was $125.

Lunch for movers and packers-these moving company workers really work hard lifting and hauling your whole life around all day.  So it is hard to not want to pay for their lunch.  For the day the packers came, I bought a pizza for $19 plus tip for the delivery person $4.  So that was a total of $23.  The next day, the movers wanted specific sandwiches.  These sandwiches added up to about $48 plus tip for the delivery person $8 and then the delivery fee of about $5.  This added up to $61.  In total, for both days, I spent $84

Total amount of money out of MY pocket paid-$209

Pro-tip-on my last move from Baltimore to Providence,I paid the moving company up to $600 cash/check out of my pocket to pick up some things at my parents’ house in NJ along the way to add to our moving truck.  This is great if you want big, heavy furniture you can’t fit in a car to end up at your new place.  If you are in a similar position, a lot of movers are will to pick up some money to put in their pocket (off the record) and help you out.  Just be sure to negotiate your price with them (since there is no set price for this) based on what they are picking up and the distance they are driving.  This will save you money and time in the long-run because otherwise my husband and I would have had to rent a Uhaul and taken off of work to drive to my parents and back.  There would have been gas money involved at both ends.  And we would have had to also hire a local guy to physically carry the items on and off the truck at both ends of the move.

Day 2 of Move Completed

So after I posted my blog this morning, I got my working station ready for the day and finished my coffee.  After that, I was patiently waiting for the movers to come.  They were supposed to be here between 8-10 a.m.  However, they called around 10 and said that they were running about an hour late.  At ten to 11 a.m. I saw their truck pull up.  They came in and introduced themselves and got right to work.

Around noon, they were hungry and wanted sandwiches.  I told them I would be happy to look for a sandwich place on Eat24 and buy them (yesterday I bought the movers one cheese pizza for $19).  So I obviously offered pizza first.  That was a NO.  So sandwiches it was.  I looked up a place.  After I found one, each of the 3 movers took their time looking at the menu very thoroughly and in my tiny “station” space area.  Finally, after much discussion, they chose their sandwiches and I ordered.  It was quite an ordeal.  After I placed my order, it took about an hour to get here.

About 1:30 the food arrived and I was so happy it did!  I was starving at this point.  After they ate, they went back to work loading the truck.  A few hours later I was starting to get anxious.  I wanted to make sure that the leasing manager was able to take a walk-through before they closed at 5.

Finally, about a quarter past 4 the movers had the paperwork ready for me and were heading out.  I was able to take the garbage out, wipe down a few surface, using my mini vacuum to get out some dust and dirt and head down to the office.

Moving Day 2 was a success.  As I sit and wait for my husband to come take a last look at our place, I am reflecting on the wonderful memories of being together with friends and family we have shared in this home.  I feel excited to move on to the new house and life we will have, but I will always cherish my time in Rhode Island.

(the box and bags in our living room pictures is all stuff that is left and has to go in my car-eek!)

Moving Day Part 2

This morning I woke up at the beautiful Renaissance.  I had a wonderful night of sleep.  My husband surprised me last night-I thought we were staying at the Marriott, he had the brought me to the Renaissance.  It was so relaxing to be in a room that didn’t have boxes and had cable tv!

After coffee, my husband headed to work and I headed back to the apartment.  It is crazy how emotionally unattached I become to our home once the packers have our life in boxes.  The actual apartment becomes cold and bare.  Already my focus is on our new house and decorating it to make it a warm, cozy home.

When I got in, I set up a station for the movers with water, cups, tissues, paper towels, and soap.  And I packed up our dry shower in this apartment, I have already washed my fabric shower curtain and just left the plastic shower curtain hanging.  I have used Lysol wipes and paper towels to wipe them down this morning so they will be packed without getting smelly.  I also made sure to cover my brooms with a garbage bag.  In our move to this place, the movers literally dragged the broom through our carpeting and left a nice trail of dirt for me to vacuum later-I learned from that!  The movers are going to load the trucks up with all of the boxes today and the next time we see the boxes will be at our new place-how exciting!

In the meantime, I will be making sure that all the boxes get onto the truck ok and also cleaning up after the movers leave.  I will be wiping everything down before we return our keys and say our final goodbyes to this chapter of our life.

Moving Day 1 Completed


Ok, so today the packers got to my apartment at 8:30 a.m.  It was great timing!  They were able to come and start packing ASAP.  The catch is, there were only 2 packers!  I couldn’t believe it!  Like literally couldn’t believe it, after they walked in, I kept holding the door open and they had to tell me I could close the door because no one else was coming.  They were very nice and were working hard.  Something that I didn’t think of was the WIFI.  Packers like listening to music on their headphones while packing and I had already returned my cable boxes and internet a few days ago!  So, I put on my personal hotspot and let them use that to play their music.

They started packing room by room and did a great job.  Around 11 a.m. the packers for our tv’s and vase came.  Yes, the moving companies have to hire separate people for this. They pack these items very carefully.  They left a little before noon.  Around noon the movers were getting hungry, so I ordered a pizza for them and a salad for me.

Around 4, the packers were wrapping up.  There were lots of liquids that weren’t able to be packed by this company.  So they left me boxes so I could pack them and drive them there-back to the crazy car game of how much can we jam in and still see?  So I just finished packing boxes of bathroom soaps, all my candles, any room sprays, light bulbs, kitchen soaps, and laundry and cleaning supplies-phew!

The packers forgot to do a couple things that I found when they left.  They forgot to pack a few of my dishes and they forgot to pack the shower curtain rings.  Oh and by accident they packed one of my zippered boxspring protector!  I had to tear open a box to get my zippered protector out.  The reason I didn’t put it on yet was because my husband and I were planning on sleeping in our apartment for our last night.  But, I got amazing news from my husband today-instead of sitting on our floor all night with no cable, internet, or areas to sit besides our bed, he got us a hotel!  This is so much fun-I get to watch tv!  Also, there is no room for us to stay here.

Now it’s about 5:30 and my husband is home from work and I’m finishing laundry and wiping down the apartment.  Movers will be here at 8 a.m. tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get to the hotel and relax tonight!  What a day!


(excuse the dark pictures-they took our light bulbs out of our lights so we only have lights from our living room and bathroom working)

Moving Day Part 1

The packers are here today!  They are going to be packing up my tiny 2-bedroom apartment room by room. The movers don’t come until tomorrow so I still have bags and signs with things that can’t be packed yet today. I also have coffee and water for the movers. My apartment is such a mess and our cars are packed to the gills! So anxious to get a move on out of here!

1 Day and Counting to Move

I am throwing out all of the food that is left in the fridge.  I am also going to throw out any condiments that have been used in the fridge-they aren’t worth keeping at this point.  I am going to take some non-perishable items that I have left to my parents.  I don’t like to waste food, so I will try to take anything I can with me to my parents’ house to eat.

I am doing the last big loads of laundry-including washing and drying the fabric shower curtains for tomorrow.  I am also working on getting my car and my husband’s car packed with all of the items that the movers aren’t going to put in the truck.  I am putting in my wedding dress box, suitcases, and my shoes in the car tonight.  It is going to be packed!  I am very good at packing as much as possible in my car-so I will be using my car-packing talent tonight!

2 Days and Counting to Move

Today I am super busy returning our cable boxes, running some last minute errands, and working on getting my shoes into separate garbage bags.  I want to make sure that they don’t get scratched or dirty while they are stored in a box.  For shoes that need to stand up and keep their form, I use foot-shaped blow-ups.  I bought them at the Dollar Tree for $1 per pair.  I keep them in my shoes all year long to make sure they stand up and keep their form.  They are cheap and easy to use and fit into all types of shoes.  Once I get to my new closet, all I will have to do is take the shoes out of the bags and my closet is set!

How do you organize your shoes? Let me know!

3 Days and Counting to Move

Now that I am mostly packed, I am started to group my clothes hangers together with rubber bands and then put garbage bags over them.  Since I currently have my clothes in my closet grouped according to color and sleeve length, this will keep them organized and it will be easier to get them in my next closet.  Once I get to my next closet, it will be quick and easy to hang the clothes and take the garbage bags and rubber bands off.  My closet will be organized in no time!