Closet Bliss

I am going to miss my closet so much!  My husband and I currently have separate closets in our place.  His is a small walk-in that is in our guest bedroom and mine is in our bedroom.  My walk-in is still small, but perfect for all of my things.

My husband’s closet is color-coded and has a wall of shirts and another of pants.  He has a hanger for his ties as well.  He also has a drawer (this was mine from Hoboken) for his hats, scarves, bathing suits, and shorts.



This is my amazing closet.  I got some help organizing my folded sweaters and my purses from Amazon-I found divider to keep them organized by color.  I also color-code my hanging clothes and put short sleeves in one hanging area and longer-sleeved shirts on another hanging rack.  I have a spot for my gym clothes in the plastic three-drawer container which used to be my husband’s closet organizer for his shorts and jeans in Baltimore.  I line my shoes up on the floor according to color and style.  I also keep a hanging shoe organizer that has traveled EVERYWHERE with me to store my flat shoes and slippers.

My favorite thing about my closet is my individual shoe organizers for my fancy shoes.  I use them for all of the shoes that I would wear to nice events like weddings-my wedding shoes are also stored in their own box.  This box is from Amazon-I love that you can see the shoes so you know what you have to wear for different occasions!



Cheap Changes to Update a Living Room

In Baltimore, this is how our living room/office area looked.  We have gotten rid of the red chair before we left Baltimore.  Besides that, every piece of furniture has moved with us to Providence.  Most of the pieces stayed in the living room, but a couple of the pieces have found a new home in a different room in Rhode Island.

In our Providence living room, we were able to save money by only buying a few decorations.  The bar table and chairs have been with my husband since Dallas.  The “Union Street” sign is rom my Hoboken apartment.  And the couch, coffee table, and accent chair are all from Baltimore.  The wall shelves are from Amazon and the decorations on them are from Hobby Lobby.  We also bought the black piece of furniture that opens into a bar.  This was our big purchase from Bed, Bath, and Beyond using our 20% off coupon of course.

I wonder what our new living room will look like when we get to our house…

Bedroom Budgeting

This is my current guest bedroom in Providence, Rhode Island.  I used white bed set and lamp when I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey-they are both from Ikea.  The nightstand was from my husband’s bedroom in Dallas, Texas.  I used to use the brown storage trunk that I bought at Hobby Lobby for my towels in Hoboken, but now we store our old comforter in there for guests to use.  The gold mirror was from my in-law’s house and has traveled with us since we lived in Baltimore.  Since I am so neurotic, I have to bring my file cabinet everywhere I go and because we only have two bedrooms, this bedroom doubles as our office.  We used glass table and oversized vase from our Baltimore living room as a tv stand and decoration in this guest room/office.

In our master bedroom,  we used the white dresser and nightstand that went with my white bed in the guest room.  This inspired my black, white, and grey theme for the bedroom.  I wanted something dark since we were using light furniture.  To finish the furniture, we went to Ikea and bought the matching nightstand for $99.  Once the furniture was set, I found a bed set to match our theme.  We used the queen mattress and box spring that my husband bought in Dallas, Texas.  It has followed us from Baltimore to Providence.  I have always wanted to get a headboard and bed frame, but to save money, I got a new bedding set and made sure to get over-sized pillows to make the back of the bed look taller (almost as if we had a tiny headboard).  I have had my jewelry stand and vanity follow me around each place I have lived for years.  I also bought some of the wall decorations from Hobby Lobby.  The wall shelves were from Amazon (we used four in our bedroom and the rest to decorate the living room).

Bathroom Budgeting

This is my current guest bathroom in Providence, Rhode Island.  The shower curtain, brown rugs, and brown hand towels are all from my Baltimore bathroom.  I have also put the brown framed pictures with fish from the Baltimore Aquarium in the bathroom.  I decorated it with turquoise decorations from my apartment in Hoboken.  And the turquoise decorations used to serve as living room decorations in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The only thing I had to buy was the blue hand towels that I put over the brown ones.  I used my Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupons for these.  All of my Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons are in a special coupon bag-I love these coupons!


This is my master bathroom in Providence, Rhode Island.  The black candle holder in the bathroom used to be a living room decoration in Baltimore.  The black framed Baltimore Aquarium picture used to be in my kitchen in Baltimore.  The only things that I had to buy with my 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond were the soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tissue box and shower curtain.  And finally, to finish the bathroom, I was able to buy cheap black floor rugs at Walmart.



These two bathroom decorations will be coming with me to Pennsylvania to my house-I am anxious to see how it will look in my new place!

My Changing Kitchen

This was our tiny kitchen in Baltimore.  We had very limited counter space and our appliances took up much of the space.  We used a table and stools for some extra space in our kitchen.  And the kitchen was completed by my finance’s “man cave” sign above the sink.  I always would tease him and tell him that “I guess that means that I don’t have to do any of the cooking or cleaning”-this didn’t end up happening haha.

In our current apartment, we have a different color scheme.  I love the black and white colors with stainless steel appliances.  We have used the same “mangia” red italian kitchen towel to decorate our stove area.  We have used red accent colors to jazz up our kitchen.  I used a cheap spice rack from The Container Store to put up on our only small wall to house all of our spices.  I have a great recipe book holder, coffee maker, toaster, and KitchenAid mixer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Also, I was able to find a cheap fruit holder from HomeGoods to hold bananas and other fruit.  My favorite part of this kitchen is my olive oil container on the stove-it is SO useful when cooking dinner!  It is also from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.